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January 09, 2010

Lux Naturals Soaps


REVIEW: I have dry skin, so I usually stick to body wash. I like the squeaky-clean feel of bar soaps, but they really dry out my skin. A few weeks ago, I received some products to try out from a company called LUX NATURALS. I was very interested in their brand because this is my first experience with natural, hand-made products.

I really love these soaps. For $6.50, you get 4.5 ounces of soap - more affordable than other brands like Lush.They're handmade with natural ingredients that are gentle on my skin. They lather well and make my skin feel squeaky clean without the dryness.

There are so many different scents to choose from, and the bars look adorable with their bright colors and designs. The scents are very accurate. What you see on the label is really what you smell.

The only negative is that they dissolve a bit quickly when exposed to shower water. However, this can be avoided as long as you store the soaps in a dry place when not in use. Instead of using the whole bar in the shower, I cut off a piece in order to make them last longer. I would definitely recommend these.

- Amazing scents
- Cute colors/designs
- Affordable
- Produces a rich lather
- Not drying to the skin
- Handmade, animal friendly, vegetarian, eco friendly, and petroleum free

- Soap dissolves quickly if you leave it exposed to the shower water

Moonlight Pomegranate - my favorite so far

Red Delicious Apple - looks & smells like a real, crisp apple!

Cinnamon Bun - yummy and warm

Vanilla Lavender - nice, soft smell

$3 soap saver

a small piece of soap (this is cinnamon bun)

they produce a nice lather

they also lather well with a shower pouf

DISCLAIMER: Products provided by Lux Naturals for review.


  1. I've never heard of the company, but it looks promising. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to look into it because I get dry skin from bar soaps.

    Odd question, I know you aren't paid to do this review, but How does one get products to review? Do they just stumble onto your blog and say "hey, wanna check out my stuff?" or they find you on youtube? or by association? just curious.

  2. My-My: they messaged me on youtube asking if i would be interested in receiving free products from their company in exchange for an honest review. so i agreed and that's pretty much how it happened. i hope that helps you out :)

  3. aaaah, gotcha! It seems like YouTube has much more connections than I thought. thanks for the reply. ;P

  4. never heard of them, but it looks awesome. looks like they lather pretty well! thanks for the review!

  5. My-My: no problem!

    Christy: yeah, i haven't heard of them before they contacted me but i really like their products :]

  6. I purchased the soaps last summer, while in Journal Sqaure. I bought the mountain jasmine and coco mango, and I love them. My bathroom is all the way in the back of my apartment, and I can smell the soap, in the hall before I enteR my home, very nice and fragrant. They are the best I have tried thus far. I like these alot better than Soapology, Sabon, and other natural brand soaps I have tried!!! yayyy


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