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December 15, 2008

Green & Red, Christmas Inspired Look

Ahh I haven't done a look in such a long time. This one is green and red, inspired by Christmas! My favoriteee holiday. I did a video tutorial on this, but still haven't edited it yet.

- Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
- Mac Select Cover Up Concealer
- Milani Bronzer: Light
- Milani Blush: Luminous

- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- MAC Paint Pot: Greenstroke
- 88 Eyeshadow Palette
- Urban Decay Liquid Liner: Shattered
- Urban Decay 24/7 Liner: Zero
- Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

- MAC Lipgelee: Slicked Pink


* MAC's holiday sets are 25% off!
A sale, isn't that crazy? I don't know if I'll be getting anything since I'm broke. But for those of you who are planning on buying them, this is a great deal!

December 12, 2008

Tag: 16 Things About Me

Another tag that everyone is doing. Except this one is 16 facts. It took me a while to write, haha. Thanks Mimi for tagging me!

directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

1) I loveeee asian dramas. More specifically, korean and taiwanese ones. As long as they have english subtitles. I get really easily addicted to them. Once I finish a drama, I listen to the soundtrack non-stop. I even try to sing along to the songs, even though I have no idea what the words I'm singing mean.

2) Speaking of asian, I'm not chinese, japanese, korean, or taiwanese. I'm.. filipino. That's it. Whenever I tell people, they're surprised. Then they ask me if I'm half filipino. Hah.

3) I'm scared of big knives. If someone near me is holding one, I'll move farther away from them. I'll attempt to cut anything with a butter knife, even if it means I have to saw at it for a while.

4) I've done a little bit of everything throughout school. Band, chorus, art club, drama club, international club. But now, I'm not involved in anything.

5) I'm extremely shy. I don't approach other people first, because I'm afraid that they won't want to talk to me. Around my close friends, I can be myself though.. not shy.

6) I have 4 older sisters. No brothers. People say they feel bad for my dad, haha. But he said he likes having daughters.

7) I'm awesome at procrastinating, especially when it comes to homework. Ugh, I hate homework with a passion.

8) I can twist my arm farther than most people. Everyone tells me it looks kind of gross.

9) I can't sleep with my door open. Even the door to my closet has to be closed.

10) I'm an aunt! My 3 oldest sisters are married already, and the oldest one has a daughter named Sophia, who is my niece. She's so adorable and smart. She calls me, "Ah-Besh" instead of "Mabeth" haha.

11) I eat a lot of fast food, but my weight always stays the same.

12) I've always had a bad habit of rubbing my eyes. Which is probably why I have little wrinkle lines under them. Now that I wear makeup during the day though, I don't rub as much.

13) I met my boyfriend on valentines day. We've been together for a year now :)

14) If I'm watching a movie & the dog dies, I will cry.

15) I'm really indecisive about everything. Especially when shopping. I'll walk around MAC for an hour before I finally decide what I'm going to get.

16) I type fast, but I can't type the "proper way." Like with your left hand fingers on asdf and your right hand fingers on jkl;.

It was kind of hard finding people who haven't done this tag already! I tag youuuu, people I follow on blogger, or people who follow me: lipglosseater, jesmakeup, makemeup88, simplyswt90, xoxoashh, itsjudytime, sokar8876, onolicious808, emily-lau, iamgrape1119

China Glaze

I decided to buy some China Glaze nail polishes one day when they were on sale for Buy 2 get 1 free. I loveeee them. They go on so nicely. No streaks, and the polish lasted on my nails for over a week. I need to get more. Normally they are around $6. But if you buy them with a Sally card, they're only about $3. I need to go get a Sally card soon!



November 25, 2008

MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead..

Uhh once I saw the MSFs for this collection, I pretty much forgot about everything else..

Mineralize Skinfinish (LE) $28.00USD (Each has four stripes of colors)
- Brunette - Soft coral to copper bronze degrade
- Blonde - Soft pink to rose degrade
- Redhead - Gold to salmon degrade

Just look at them, they're striped! AHH so pretty!

Source: lipglosseater [info from specktra, msf pictures from pavlova615]

November 21, 2008

MAC: Hello Kitty Collection!

From WWD:

MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Sanrio Global Consumer Products to create a Hello Kitty color cosmetics collection.

The line will arrive on MAC’s Web site Feb. 10, in North American stores on Feb. 12 and into overseas stores in March.

“MAC has been mining pop culture since the brand was founded,” said John Demsey, group president of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. “This is a sexy and innocent fashion line, and a true MAC moment. In these times, everyone can use a little fun — and a little Kitty.”

While the 34-year-old Hello Kitty character is usually assumed to be a cat, she is actually a girl, according to Sanrio. And a girl without a mouth, so she “speaks from the heart,” the company said. “She may not have a mouth, but she’s going to sell a lot of lipstick,” cracked Demsey, noting that a waiting list for the items will go live on Jan. 7 at

“To me, MAC Hello Kitty embodies the ultimate beauty icon,” said Jennifer Balbier, senior vice president of product development for MAC Worldwide. “She’s sweet and sexy, slightly edgy, and appeals to a wide range of customers. We wanted to reflect that through a sweet side, but also something slightly mischievous when it came to the colors. I started out by creating a palette of pinks, since they fit and always trend well in the spring. And this look is so much about the eyes that we did two eye shadow quads.” The Lucky Tom quad has violet blue, brown, gold and pink-coral shades, while the Too Dolly palette has mint, blue-silver, pale pink and magenta shades.

“We incorporated glitter eyeliners because she loves anything that twinkles, and we took the coral and hot pink theme and did pretty, poppy [colored] blush,” added Balbier.

While this collection is intended to have a sophisticated presentation, MAC hopes to appeal to younger fans with two shades of lip conditioners.

The Hello Kitty offerings fall into two collections: the Hello Kitty Colour Collection and the more high-end Hello Kitty Kouture. The bulk of the items are in the former category: six shades of lipstick with names like Fashion Mews and Strayin’, each $14; six Lipglass shades, each $14; and two tinted lip conditioners, $14.50 each; two eye shadow palettes, which each contain four shades and retail for $38; two shades of pigment are $19.50 each, and two Reflects Glitter stockkeeping units — one blue, one pink — are $17.50 each. Four Glitter Eye Liners, each $16.50, two shades of Beauty Powder, each $22; three shades of nail polish, each $11; a black mascara, $12, and false lashes, $12, round out the color offerings. Shades range from pinks and turquoises to lavenders and greens.

Hello Kitty Kouture is intended to be the high end of the collection. Two shades of Dazzleglass, each $28, each feature a reusable silver chain pendant with Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals on black with a pink crystal bow. Sheer Mystery Powder, $90 and available in three shades, is packaged in a silver powder compact with Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals with a pink crystal bow on a black background.

“We wanted to have affordable luxury and a high-low aspect, so it made sense to do the Hello Kitty Colour Collection and Hello Kitty Kouture,” said Demsey.

The Hello Kitty Colour items, a Petite Makeup Bag, $22, and a medium Makeup Bag, $35, will be in all doors, currently about 581 department and specialty stores in North America including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, as well as MAC’s 138 freestanding stores in North America and at Internationally, the items will be in 1,307 doors in 69 countries, including 296 MAC freestanding stores outside North America. Hello Kitty Kouture will be available at MAC stores and only. At the maximum, the collection will be available for eight weeks.

A plush doll, $42; purse mirror, $22, and three-brush collection, $49.50, will be available at MAC stores, Nordstrom doors and only. A mirrored key clip, $16; beaded bracelet, $34, will be sold in MAC retail stores and at only, and a tote, $45 and soft vanity kit, $55, will be exclusive to These items are intended to animate the counter presentation and create an entire Hello Kitty world at retail, Gager noted.

While none of the executives would discuss sales projections, industry sources estimated that the limited edition MAC Hello Kitty collection could do upwards of $12 million in North American retail sales. That projection is slightly larger than that of the hit Barbie collection.

In-store visuals, shot by Nick Knight, show the polar opposite aspects of the collection. One is an image of a blonde model holding a black vinyl Hello Kitty doll, which will be part of the accessory line. The other visual is what Gager terms “more of a dominatrix creature.” The point, said Gager, is to show that makeup can be transformative. Makeup was done by Val Garland, with hair by Sam McKnight.

And Demsey promises the surprises aren’t over yet. “There will be more products to come in the next three months with this partnership,” he said.


I'm not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty, (when I was little I loved Keroppi, haha) but this collection looks soo cute! I want all of it! The whole collection together sure would cost A LOT of money. But I'm planning on saving up some money to at least be able to pick up a few things.

November 06, 2008

Sinful Colors: Dancing Nails

I'm loving the brand of nail polish SINFUL COLORS. They're sold at Walgreens for only $1.99. Sometimes they even go on sale, 2 for $2.00, making each bottle $1! I'm currently wearing a new shade I picked up the other day, called Dancing Nails. It's like a shimmery burgundy type shade that looks pink in the light. So pretty.

November 04, 2008

Election Day, MAC Little Darlings..

I should be doing AP Government homework, but oh well. A little break won't hurt. And this topic is government related. Anyways, today is election day! How exciting! I'm 4 months away from being 18, so I can't vote yet. I will next time though. I hope everyone who was able to vote, did so. Every vote counts!

This next subject is not government related, but the LITTLE DARLINGS collection from MAC is now up on online! I wasn't too excited about the other holiday collections, but I like this one. [Pictures are from]

The collection consists of a Warm & Cool Pigment Set, Soft Sparkle Pencil
Set, and a Pink, Coral, & Neutral Lipglass/Lustreglass Set. Each set is $29.50.

This is a close up of the Coral Lipglass/Lustreglass set. I.. want.. that one.. most.. haha.

Hint hint to my sisters if they're having trouble deciding what to get me for Christmas, lol.

November 01, 2008

Sephora Friends & Family

Thanks pursebuzz for posting this! 20% off your online purchases from Sephora. November 6 -10. Coupon code FF20078.

(click for larger version)

October 30, 2008

Tag: 6 Things About Me

Thanks onolicious808 and veraology for tagging me!

01. Link to the person who tagged you
02. Post the rules on your blog
03. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
04. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
05. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

1) My family is full of girls. I have 4 sisters, and all of them are older than me. I have 1 niece, so she's the baby of the family now :) I don't live in the same state as them anymore though. My parents moved to the west coast, and I had to go with them, being the youngest. I miss my family all the timeeee.

2) This is my boyfriend, Raymond :) We've been together for almost 11 months. He's my favoriteeeee! I actually met him on Valentines Day of 07. I had just moved in the middle of the year, and I was new at school. He was really nice to me, and we became good friends. He makes me so happy. Even happier than makeup!

3) I love food. A lot. But if you put me in a buffet and tell me to eat as much as I can, I won't do very well. I'm not good at eating a lot of food at one time. Just a bunch of small meals and snacks every hour. I like to take pictures with food too. A bunch of my pictures and home videos from when I was little show me eating :X

4) I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to making things look nice. Like if I'm writing something and I mess up, I HAVE TO fix it or start all over on a new sheet of paper. If not, it bothers me.

5) I have really bad vision. I got glasses when I was in 2nd grade, then contacts in 8th grade. Without them, everything is SUPER blurry to me. My prescription is -6 and -7. Bad.

6) Everytime I go into the bathroom, I have to look behind the shower curtain first. I have to check if a killer or something is hiding there. Seriously.


Ahh I don't know who to tag. There aren't 6 other bloggers I follow who haven't done this yet. So if anyone is reading this, and they haven't done it yet, I tag you ! :)

October 29, 2008

Cute Doll Look

One of my sisters, Ate Anna, asked me for suggestions on how to do a cute doll kind of look for halloween. She wanted big eyes with false lashes, bright blush, etc. So I did this look for her :P I took pictures on both my camera and webcam. Video can be found here.

products used:
- mac paint pot: fresco rose
- urban decay eyeshadow: scratch
- mac eyeshadow: cranberry, vanilla, typographic
- mac pigment: vanilla
- revlon colorstay eyeliner: black
- jordana eyeliner: white
- rimmel glam eyes mascara: black
- ardell & wet n' wild falsies

- urban decay surreal skin mineral makeup
- mac bronzer: bronze
- mac cream blush: ladyblush
- mac blush: joyous

- mac lipstick: 2n
- maybelline lipliner: rose
- smashbox tokidoki gloss: drammatica

October 28, 2008

Blush: The Search For the Next Great Make-Up Artist?

I like watching shows like Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, etc. I always wished that there would be a similar show for makeup though. My dream has come true! How exciting! I'm sure all of us makeup-obsessed people would be interested, haha.

[Taken from the official website]

Lifetime’s new reality competition series, “Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-Up Artist,” will premiere Tuesday, November 11, from 10 pm to 11 pm et/pt. In the hour-long, six-episode series, contestants from around the country will compete for a contract as a professional artist with Max Factor, a cash prize of $100,000 and the opportunity to be the makeup artist for an upcoming In Style photo shoot.

In each episode, the contestants, all living under one roof in Los Angeles, compete in two different makeup competitions, designed to test the skills and personality traits — including compassion and confidence — necessary for success in the field. Following the second challenge, one contestant will be eliminated.

October 24, 2008

Light Flush MSF

While my sister was on vacation, she took a trip to a Cosmetics Company Outlet and got me a present. Isn't that nice of her? (Thanks Ate Annaaaa!) She shipped it to me, and I got it a few days ago. It's Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinish! I was so happy when I opened it. It's a soft pink color that gives a beautiful shimmer/glow to the skin. No big chunks of glitter, like my Gold Spill MSF. It's so pretty! My sister got one for herself too, haha. It only cost about $17.50 at the CCO.

Here I'm wearing Light Flush MSF over Jane blush in Blushing Petal. I was trying to put on a lot of blush so that it would show better in the picture.. but I think I went a little overboard, haha.

October 20, 2008

Yogurt Mask?

Makeupalley Product Reviews for YOGURT MASK

So I was browsing through makeupalley product reviews, like I do everyday. I seriously love that site! I hardly buy anything now before reading the reviews on MUA first. Anyways, I came across the reviews for the yogurt mask. 42 reviews, 100% repurchase rate?? Seems good, I hope! So I went with my dad today when he went food shopping, and I picked up a tub of plain yogurt. It can't hurt to try, right? Haha.

October 19, 2008

Mineralize Skinfinishes <3

So MAC came out with their collection, "Sheer Minerals." I love minerals, and all of the mineralize skinfinishes look so gorgeous!

Petticoat, So Ceylon, Soft & Gentle [Pictures are from!]

Um, yeah. I want all of them. I'm thinking of getting one if I can. Why must they be so pretty, but expensive! Each is $25. Petticoat and So Ceylon are limited edition. My sister actually got me Light Flush MSF the other day, since she went to the CCO. She's shipping it over here as a present. Yay!

October 12, 2008

Halloween Look: Zombie Girl

Last year, MAC had a Halloween face chart called, "Zombie Girl". I thought it looked really cool, so I decided to try it.

products used
- 88 palette: white, light pink, red
- mac paint pot: blackground
- nyx eyeshadow: black
- rimmel kohl eyeliner: black
- l'oreal lineur intense: black
- l'oreal bare naturale mascara
- mac lipstick: 2N

I know I look a mess during it, haha. But I thought it turned out okay in the end. I couldn't wait to finish recording this video. I got super hungry when I was only halfway through. Haha.


September 23, 2008

Happy 1,000!

When I first started making videos, I never would've thought that I'd ever reach 1,000! Thank you subscribers!

A huge thanks to those who actually rate/comment my videos. Even though I have so many subscribers, I get so little feedback :( It's just a bit discouraging sometimes to see that I have over a thousand of subscribers, and less than 10 comments on a video. But I enjoy making them, so it's alright. It's nice to know that my videos are being watched. And those few positive comments that I get make me happy :) It's nice knowing that I helped a person out somehow.

Sorry for those of you who have requested something that I still haven't done. Making videos is time consuming, and school keeps me busy. Most of the time it's just a lot of homework. The time I spend not doing homework (mostly just procrastinating) is there. I'd just rather spend it relaxing. Hopefully you guys understand.

Here are the pictures from the last tutorial I did. A blue-brown look:

products used:
- urban decay primer potion
- mac paint pot: blackground
- mac pigment: blue brown
- mac eyeshadows: mulch, typographic, vanila
- mac fluidline: blacktrack
- prestige eyeliner: black
- milanil eyeliner: creme brulee
- l'oreal bare naturale mascara

September 15, 2008

VS Purples & Greens

products used:
- urban decay primer potion
- mac paint pot: greenstroke
- victoria's secret mosaic eyeshadow: connect
- victoria's secret silky eyeshadow: no strings
- mac eyeshadow: vanilla
- urban decay liquid liner: shattered
- prestige eyeliner: black
- l'oreal bare naturale mascara

tutorial here!

September 09, 2008

Ulta Sales

Ulta is having their fall beauty event, which means 2 weeks of some pretty good sales! Ulta cosmetics especially: automatic eye/lip liners - $1, nail polishes - $2, eyeshadows/blushes - $3, lip color/mascara - $4, and mineral eyeshadows $5. I think that's how it is, haha. Not much money, so all I picked up were 3 automatic eyeliners. I've heard good things about them, and how could I resist when they're only a dollar? :)

Left to Right: Black/Brown, Moss, Raisin
(yeah, i know.. corny swatches, haha)

September 05, 2008


Sephora Crease Brush $16.00
Last weekend, my parents wanted to shop around after church. We stopped by Sephora, and my mom actually got me this. My parents don't like buying me makeup related things, so it's a miracle that I surely appreciate! I love this brush already! It's so soft, and it's just the right size to apply shadows to my crease & blend.

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki $28.00
Ulta was having a one week sale. I was so happy when I found the coupon in the newspaper. 20% off your entire purchase including some prestige brands like Too Faced. Everytime I went to Ulta or Sephora, I would look at this brush. This ended up being a gift from my boyfriend. Thank you Raymond! I absolutely loveeee it. This is like the softest brush ever. I keep taking it out just to feel the bristles. Made of synthetic hair, or as they describe it, teddy bear hair! Raymond was joking around, saying that they tortured teddy bears to make it, haha. The outside of the brush is the cutest thing ever, metallic pink with flowers on it.

Sally Hansen, Natural Beauty, Inspired By Carmindy: Sheerest Cream Blush in Bloom - $8.99
This is what I bought at Ulta. It had good reviews on makeupalley, so I decided to try it out. I like it a lot. It's a cream blush that goes on smooth & blends nicely. The shade is a peachy pink color that looks very natural.


September 03, 2008

Sea & Sky

I know, I'm late, haha. But better late than never, right? I recorded a tutorial for this look twice already. Since I have such good luck, the first time I did it, the file was corrupt.

products used:
- urban decay primer potion
- revlon cream eyeshadow: light blue
- mac mineralize eyeshadow duo: sea & sky
- mac eyeshadow: vanilla
- mac blacktrack fluidline
- urban decay 24/7 liner: zero
- l'oreal bare naturale mascara


August 30, 2008

Pink Smokey Eyes

So the other day, I recorded a requested tutorial for pink smokey eyes. Then when I tried to load it onto the computer, there's an error with the file. So I have to do it over again. It's so frustrating when that happens :( But I figured I would post the pictures for now anyway.

- mac select cover up
- urban decay mineral makeup
- mac blush: springsheen

- urban decay primer potion
- mac paint pot: fresco rose
- 88 palette: pink, dark pink, light pink, black, light beige
- urban decay 24/7 liner: zero
- l'oreal bare naturale mascara

- smashbox lipgloss: desire