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February 15, 2011

Revlon Colorsilk: Light Ash Brown

WHERE TO BUY: Drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc)
PRICE: Around $3-$5

- Cheap
- Easy to find
- Easy to use
- Did lighten my hair
- Doesn't smell too bad
- Conditioner makes hair super soft

- Can be a little damaging

MY THOUGHTS: Up until recently, I've never dyed my hair. Naturally, it's an extremely dark dark brown color but I felt like making it a little bit lighter. Revlon colorsilk had good reviews on makeupalley and only cost around $3 or $4 in most stores. It was easy to use and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Since my hair is so dark, I used light ash brown to achieve a dark brown color. If you have dark hair and you're looking for a drastic change, box dye by itself might not be enough. This was good for the subtle change that I was looking for. My roots ended up a little lighter than the rest of my hair though.

After dying my hair, I didn't notice too much damage but it does feel a little bit dryer. The conditioner it comes with is AMAZING by the way. It made my hair feel incredibly soft and if they sold it on its own, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Comes with 2 gloves, conditioner, developer, & colorant

Before: My natural hair color was really dark brown, almost black.

After: Still pretty dark, but definitely a little lighter.

It really only looks this brown in really bright lighting.

February 11, 2011

Elf Haul: Photos & Quick Impressions

I found a Target that carries ELF, yay! Just got some basic items. I still want to try some stuff from their studio line though. Here are my first impressions for some of the items that only cost $1.

- Travel Mirror: Flimsy. The hinge is kind of loose and it comes apart easily, but I'm still keeping it in my bag since the mirror is functional. It has a regular & magnified side.

- Concealer Brush: Broke right away. The ferrule came off before I even used it for the first time.

- Shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal: Works as a liquid highlighter for the cheeks. As you can see, a little bit goes a long way so you only need tiny dots of it for the face. It has a lot of shimmer though, so probably better for night time use. Don't want too much sparkle in the sunlight.

- Shine Eraser: Absorbs oil pretty well and comes with 50 sheets for a dollar. I like, I like.

- Wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara: I think this holds my eyebrows in place better than the ardell brow gel that I was using before. Using the mascara side as an eyelash primer helps keep my mascara from smudging throughout the day too.