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January 29, 2010

My First LUSH Haul

My good experience with the Lux Naturals soaps made me a believer of natural hand-made products. So my boyfriend and I headed over to the LUSH store to check out their unique products like bath bombs and bubble bars. Once we walked in, I was so overwhelmed! I wanted to buy everything. The employees were also really nice and helpful.

- Angels On Bare Skin cleanser $4.70
- Butterball bath bomb $4.95
- Rock Chick gift set: Rock Star soap & Creamy Candy bubble bar $11.95
- Love Lettuce mask (not sure how much this costs, mine was a freebie)

What are your favorites from Lush that you would recommend? If everything goes well, I might go back to try more stuff. Everything smells so nice.


  1. You definitely bought more than me though.I smelled the star and it smelled amazing!

  2. Amanda: haha i had never been there before and i got so excited! i think i limited myself pretty well though.

  3. Such great haul! Looks so sweet and yummy!

  4. anastacia: they smell yummy! except for the face stuff. kind of herbal, hehe.

  5. I'm loving lush right now! My faves lately have been the greased lightening cleanser, honey trap lip balm and tea tree water toner. I haven't tried any bath stuff yet. I'd love to know how you like the butterball bath bomb. :)

  6. Neeyuh: thanks for the suggestions! i might try their toners since i hear they're a lot more gentle than others. and sure, i'll review the bath bomb sometime.


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