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October 30, 2008

Tag: 6 Things About Me

Thanks onolicious808 and veraology for tagging me!

01. Link to the person who tagged you
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1) My family is full of girls. I have 4 sisters, and all of them are older than me. I have 1 niece, so she's the baby of the family now :) I don't live in the same state as them anymore though. My parents moved to the west coast, and I had to go with them, being the youngest. I miss my family all the timeeee.

2) This is my boyfriend, Raymond :) We've been together for almost 11 months. He's my favoriteeeee! I actually met him on Valentines Day of 07. I had just moved in the middle of the year, and I was new at school. He was really nice to me, and we became good friends. He makes me so happy. Even happier than makeup!

3) I love food. A lot. But if you put me in a buffet and tell me to eat as much as I can, I won't do very well. I'm not good at eating a lot of food at one time. Just a bunch of small meals and snacks every hour. I like to take pictures with food too. A bunch of my pictures and home videos from when I was little show me eating :X

4) I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to making things look nice. Like if I'm writing something and I mess up, I HAVE TO fix it or start all over on a new sheet of paper. If not, it bothers me.

5) I have really bad vision. I got glasses when I was in 2nd grade, then contacts in 8th grade. Without them, everything is SUPER blurry to me. My prescription is -6 and -7. Bad.

6) Everytime I go into the bathroom, I have to look behind the shower curtain first. I have to check if a killer or something is hiding there. Seriously.


Ahh I don't know who to tag. There aren't 6 other bloggers I follow who haven't done this yet. So if anyone is reading this, and they haven't done it yet, I tag you ! :)

October 29, 2008

Cute Doll Look

One of my sisters, Ate Anna, asked me for suggestions on how to do a cute doll kind of look for halloween. She wanted big eyes with false lashes, bright blush, etc. So I did this look for her :P I took pictures on both my camera and webcam. Video can be found here.

products used:
- mac paint pot: fresco rose
- urban decay eyeshadow: scratch
- mac eyeshadow: cranberry, vanilla, typographic
- mac pigment: vanilla
- revlon colorstay eyeliner: black
- jordana eyeliner: white
- rimmel glam eyes mascara: black
- ardell & wet n' wild falsies

- urban decay surreal skin mineral makeup
- mac bronzer: bronze
- mac cream blush: ladyblush
- mac blush: joyous

- mac lipstick: 2n
- maybelline lipliner: rose
- smashbox tokidoki gloss: drammatica

October 28, 2008

Blush: The Search For the Next Great Make-Up Artist?

I like watching shows like Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, etc. I always wished that there would be a similar show for makeup though. My dream has come true! How exciting! I'm sure all of us makeup-obsessed people would be interested, haha.

[Taken from the official website]

Lifetime’s new reality competition series, “Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-Up Artist,” will premiere Tuesday, November 11, from 10 pm to 11 pm et/pt. In the hour-long, six-episode series, contestants from around the country will compete for a contract as a professional artist with Max Factor, a cash prize of $100,000 and the opportunity to be the makeup artist for an upcoming In Style photo shoot.

In each episode, the contestants, all living under one roof in Los Angeles, compete in two different makeup competitions, designed to test the skills and personality traits — including compassion and confidence — necessary for success in the field. Following the second challenge, one contestant will be eliminated.

October 24, 2008

Light Flush MSF

While my sister was on vacation, she took a trip to a Cosmetics Company Outlet and got me a present. Isn't that nice of her? (Thanks Ate Annaaaa!) She shipped it to me, and I got it a few days ago. It's Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinish! I was so happy when I opened it. It's a soft pink color that gives a beautiful shimmer/glow to the skin. No big chunks of glitter, like my Gold Spill MSF. It's so pretty! My sister got one for herself too, haha. It only cost about $17.50 at the CCO.

Here I'm wearing Light Flush MSF over Jane blush in Blushing Petal. I was trying to put on a lot of blush so that it would show better in the picture.. but I think I went a little overboard, haha.

October 20, 2008

Yogurt Mask?

Makeupalley Product Reviews for YOGURT MASK

So I was browsing through makeupalley product reviews, like I do everyday. I seriously love that site! I hardly buy anything now before reading the reviews on MUA first. Anyways, I came across the reviews for the yogurt mask. 42 reviews, 100% repurchase rate?? Seems good, I hope! So I went with my dad today when he went food shopping, and I picked up a tub of plain yogurt. It can't hurt to try, right? Haha.

October 19, 2008

Mineralize Skinfinishes <3

So MAC came out with their collection, "Sheer Minerals." I love minerals, and all of the mineralize skinfinishes look so gorgeous!

Petticoat, So Ceylon, Soft & Gentle [Pictures are from!]

Um, yeah. I want all of them. I'm thinking of getting one if I can. Why must they be so pretty, but expensive! Each is $25. Petticoat and So Ceylon are limited edition. My sister actually got me Light Flush MSF the other day, since she went to the CCO. She's shipping it over here as a present. Yay!

October 12, 2008

Halloween Look: Zombie Girl

Last year, MAC had a Halloween face chart called, "Zombie Girl". I thought it looked really cool, so I decided to try it.

products used
- 88 palette: white, light pink, red
- mac paint pot: blackground
- nyx eyeshadow: black
- rimmel kohl eyeliner: black
- l'oreal lineur intense: black
- l'oreal bare naturale mascara
- mac lipstick: 2N

I know I look a mess during it, haha. But I thought it turned out okay in the end. I couldn't wait to finish recording this video. I got super hungry when I was only halfway through. Haha.