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December 13, 2009

Sephora Super Shimmer Lip Gloss

This is a product that no one can resist because it's FREE. This is the birthday gift that Sephora has been giving out recently to beauty insiders. It's free to sign up with Sephora's Beauty Insider program. You earn points with every purchase to get free samples and a free birthday gift like this one! My birthday was actually in March. I didn't go to Sephora at the time, so I got an email from them with a coupon that let me redeem my gift last month. The gifts change though, so it won't always be lipglosses.

- FREE. You can't get anymore affordable than that.
- Small squeeze tubes are easy to carry around.
- Has a sweet smell, almost like candy.
- Moisturizing and shiny.

- Not very pigmented. The darkest shade does give lips a hint of color, but not what you see in the tube.

precious pink, rosy glow, bronzed beauty

precious pink

rosy glow

bronzed beauty

precious pink, rosy glow, bronzed beauty


  1. Nice freebies! Precious Pink looks cute in the tube, but it's not very pigmented. Rosy Glow is nice!

  2. Gaby: yeah, precious pink goes on almost clear! the other 2 shades give a little bit of color though :)

  3. Yes, I received those for my birthday also :) You are right, they aren't very pigmented, but it was free!

  4. Christy: haha yes! can't complain when they're free. at least they're nice besides the lack of pigmentation.

  5. I just got my coupon the other day for these! Thank you for the swatches! :)

  6. Hm, I got a coupon for those but I was too late and my coupon expired. I also see they aren't that pigmented but really, gloss doesn't always need to be. :) You did incline me next time, if I get an offer for them, to take it!

  7. i love the pink one but its soo darn sticky and not that glittery=(

    love ur blog!


  8. Hey Mabeth. thanks for following my blog again. :) I've missed the blogging world. Stay sweet. MUAH!

  9. Roxy: yup, free stuff won't hurt your wallet, hehe.

    sharlene: aw, sorry you didn't like it. they didn't seem that sticky to me as long as i put on some lip balm first.

    my-my: no problem! :)


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