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July 27, 2010

MUFE Concealer Palette

WHERE TO BUY: Sephora stores,
WOULD I REPURCHASE?: Probably not.
PRICE: $36.00

- Offers good coverage
- Long wearing
- A little bit goes a long way

- Expensive
- Not enough shades for medium skintones
- Accentuates dryness
- Can look cakey

MY THOUGHTS: I purchased this palette because I thought it would be a good value. Even though it was $36, it evened out to around $7.20 per concealer.

I guess I'll start with the negatives first. I have a warm, medium skintone (NC30) and I had trouble finding a suitable palette. I heard that palette 3 would have worked well for me, but for some reason, they don't sell it anymore. It wasn't at the store and they never have it online. The only available palettes are numbers 1,2, and 4. Strange. Palette 2 was too cool toned and palette 4 was way too dark. I really wanted to try it so palette number 1 went home with me.

These concealers can look a bit cakey because of how thick they are. They don't work very well for covering blemishes or acne scars since they accentuate dryness. Therefore, I don't really use the green shade very often. I can't use the first 2 shades either because they're too light for me.

Now onto the positives. These concealers (the 3rd and 4th shade) work really well around the eyes, as long as I make sure to moisturize with an eye cream first. A little bit of product goes a long way. I only need a small dab to cover up the discolorations around my eye area. They make me look more refreshed and awake. Lasting power is good too. They seem to stay on throughout the day and I don't need to touch up very much.

Overall, I'll continue to use the 2 shades that work for my skin tone but I don't think I'll repurchase. This might work better for those with oily skin who can find a good color match.

swatched heavily

left - without concealer ; right - with concealer


  1. I'm surprised this doesn't work for blemishes as that's what I thought this would be perfect for. It seems like a good value -but ONLY if it works for you.

    Btw, I wanted to let you know I've given you an award over on my blog here:

    Have a lovely day. =)

  2. Kali: Yeah, I was a little bit disappointed but I'm sure it could work better for others :) I'll just keep using it around my eyes!

  3. :( i really wanted this but now am rethinking! hahaha

  4. the Honey B: Maybe you can test it out at Sephora or something! :]

  5. great review hun! I was planning to get this as I have NC30-35 skintone but now I will be skipping on this :S

  6. Get Gawjus: Yeah, hopefully they come out with palette 3 again or something!

  7. Wow, the concealer is really nice! :) too bad some of the shades aren't wearable for you. They didn't sell the palette 3 online? :/

  8. Rainy Days and Lattes: Nope, no palette 3 online either :(


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