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October 21, 2009

99 Cents L'Oreal HIP

Once in a while, I find something good from the 99 cent only store that's usually sold at drugstores. I wasn't expecting to see anything interesting today since I haven't in a while... but there were a couple of L'Oreal HIP items! 7 items for $7.

Color Rich Cream Crayon - Unmistakable

Color Chrome Eyeliners - Green Flash (left) , Blue Spark (right)

(left to right) Unmistakable, Blue Spark, Green Flash

Jelly Balm - Savory

Jelly Balm - Luscious

Luscious (left), Savory (right)

Cream Shadow Paints - Nervy (top), Secretive (bottom)

Secretive (left) Nervy (right)


  1. Cool haul...I love H.i.P what store did u go to?? does it have a name

  2. wow. ive never seen hip at the 99 cent stores. i'll keep a look out.

  3. Sofee: it's the "99 cents only store. you can find a location at :)

    Alyssa is the Queen: yeah, i usually only see them at this store! i added a link to the post for the store's website.

  4. wow your 99cent store is so cool lol, I would never find any of these items at my local dollar stores.

  5. What do you think of the L'oreal Paint[:?

  6. stacieee: i usually only find good stuff at the "99 cent only" store. the name in my post has a link to the website where you can find a location :)

    katreenuhhh: KATRINAAAA <3 they're really pigmented and creamy. i haven't worn them on my eyes yet, so i'm not sure if they crease


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