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October 27, 2009

Outfit of the Day?

I've been following a website called Chictopia for a while now. It's basically a website where people post pictures of their outfits. If you're interested in fashion I'd definitely check it out. It's really fun seeing what other people put together. I decided to make my own account. Maybe I'll start posting when I can take better pictures, haha.

Here's my outfit today though. Until now, the weather's been pretty warm staying in the 70's. Today was the first day of the season that the temperature was in the low 50's.

- white sweater (forever 21)
- green plaid jacket (forever 21)
- denim jeans (forever 21)
- white scarf (forever 21)
- black boots (union bay)

I guess it's obvious I love shopping at Forever 21 ><


  1. 1) CUTE outfit. and I'm liking the whole fashion community. I'm debating if I should join, however I haven't been very involved with my beauty blog either.

    2) I know I didn't comment on your Sally's post, but I have been keeping tabs on your update about it. When I first read it I was actually offended for you! I want justice too, so I'm VERY glad you e-mailed the customer service. and now waiting for what the district manager has to say.

    3) I've also been seeing Hardcandy posts saying they are now hitting Walmart. It hasn't reached my area yet, but I'm getting REALLY excited.

    take care. :D

  2. My-My: aw, i appreciate all the feedback :D i hope you get hard candy at your walmart soon!

  3. aw i love seeing outfit of the day! i hope you will continue this.. at least periodically!

  4. aye_meee: thanks! i'll try to do this more often.


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