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May 25, 2009

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Swatches

I think I got these last year. I wasn't blogging at the time, so I will share the swatches now. These are the "ultra pearl mania" loose eyeshadows. When I got them, they were $1.00 each. I think they raised the price by 50 cents, so each one is now $1.50 on For a dollar, they're a really good deal. Very pigmented and shimmery. If you like matte shadows, these probably aren't for you. Only bad part is the packaging. The opening of the jar is so narrow, you can't dip your shadow brush in. So it's a good idea to transfer them into another container if you plan on using them often.

*click on thumbnails for a bigger view*


  1. these are great! i have the neutral shades. thanks for sharing the swatches of these other colors :)

  2. thank you for the swatches. I am hoping that one day they will get back to $1 each. wishful thinking, huh?

  3. I really like these colors. I just recently received my first NYX pigments and I absolutely love them. Need to get more of them.

  4. oohhh mink and walnut look really good together! :)
    pretty colors!

  5. Jenn: no problem!

    My-My: darn price raise, hehe. 50 cents doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up.

    Wuschel: they're really nice, especially for the price :]

    SHANNON: ooh i should try those colors together, i haven't used these in so long!


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