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May 26, 2009

MAC Brush Haul

Don't you hate it when something is so expensive that you try to tell yourself, "It's not worth it," but you know it is? That's how I feel about MAC brushes. So pricey.. yet so nice.

I went to the CCO the other day and saw that they had the 181, mini kabuki, for only $21.00. Good deal, so I got it. I used to want the 182, which is the larger version, but I don't think I'll be needing it anytime soon. After I washed the 181, the bristles kind of expanded and it seems like a pretty good size for my face. Or maybe I just have a small face, haha.

The 187 seems to be the most popular, raved about, HG brush.. and I got it as a present from my bf! I'm so happy. He knows I've been wanting this brush for the longest time but I was never willing to spend that much on it yet. He went to MAC all by himself and got it for me. That's sweet of him, I'm really grateful :)


  1. same here. I really want a couple of mac brushes. but the prices turn me off every time. So, I've been really teeter tottering between Mac and Sigma brushes, but I know that STILL in the long run, the Mac brushes will last forever and a day. . . . ionno. . . maybe I'll wait for it as a gift too. hahaha.

  2. my-my: yeah, i was looking at the sigma brushes too. i feel like i'll still end up wanting the mac ones though since people rave about them so much. i only have a few mac brushes and i practically got them all at the cco since they were cheaper, lol.

  3. ooo very lovely haul! i love the 187 :] i use it far like everything lol :D

  4. i've heard raved about 187 as well. aaww you're so lucky he got it for you :) oh, i added you to my blogroll if you don't mind, thnx :D


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