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September 23, 2008

Happy 1,000!

When I first started making videos, I never would've thought that I'd ever reach 1,000! Thank you subscribers!

A huge thanks to those who actually rate/comment my videos. Even though I have so many subscribers, I get so little feedback :( It's just a bit discouraging sometimes to see that I have over a thousand of subscribers, and less than 10 comments on a video. But I enjoy making them, so it's alright. It's nice to know that my videos are being watched. And those few positive comments that I get make me happy :) It's nice knowing that I helped a person out somehow.

Sorry for those of you who have requested something that I still haven't done. Making videos is time consuming, and school keeps me busy. Most of the time it's just a lot of homework. The time I spend not doing homework (mostly just procrastinating) is there. I'd just rather spend it relaxing. Hopefully you guys understand.

Here are the pictures from the last tutorial I did. A blue-brown look:

products used:
- urban decay primer potion
- mac paint pot: blackground
- mac pigment: blue brown
- mac eyeshadows: mulch, typographic, vanila
- mac fluidline: blacktrack
- prestige eyeliner: black
- milanil eyeliner: creme brulee
- l'oreal bare naturale mascara


  1. aww happy 1000th!: ) i'm definitely checking up on your stuff constantly. love your tutorials; keep up the great work<3


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