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October 30, 2008

Tag: 6 Things About Me

Thanks onolicious808 and veraology for tagging me!

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1) My family is full of girls. I have 4 sisters, and all of them are older than me. I have 1 niece, so she's the baby of the family now :) I don't live in the same state as them anymore though. My parents moved to the west coast, and I had to go with them, being the youngest. I miss my family all the timeeee.

2) This is my boyfriend, Raymond :) We've been together for almost 11 months. He's my favoriteeeee! I actually met him on Valentines Day of 07. I had just moved in the middle of the year, and I was new at school. He was really nice to me, and we became good friends. He makes me so happy. Even happier than makeup!

3) I love food. A lot. But if you put me in a buffet and tell me to eat as much as I can, I won't do very well. I'm not good at eating a lot of food at one time. Just a bunch of small meals and snacks every hour. I like to take pictures with food too. A bunch of my pictures and home videos from when I was little show me eating :X

4) I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to making things look nice. Like if I'm writing something and I mess up, I HAVE TO fix it or start all over on a new sheet of paper. If not, it bothers me.

5) I have really bad vision. I got glasses when I was in 2nd grade, then contacts in 8th grade. Without them, everything is SUPER blurry to me. My prescription is -6 and -7. Bad.

6) Everytime I go into the bathroom, I have to look behind the shower curtain first. I have to check if a killer or something is hiding there. Seriously.


Ahh I don't know who to tag. There aren't 6 other bloggers I follow who haven't done this yet. So if anyone is reading this, and they haven't done it yet, I tag you ! :)


  1. i am exactly the same way. when i'm writing something and i spell something wrong, or the handwriting isn't clear, i have to start all over again. i'm a perfectionist at some things not all. :)

    my whole family was girls except my dad. i was the youngest and even our dogs are females. my poor poor father. lol

  2. @ jackie: LOL i have a dog, and she's a girl too! so same for my dad. he's used to being around all girls.

  3. you and ur bf looks soo cute together =)

  4. You and your bf look so cute together :)


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