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November 25, 2008

MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead..

Uhh once I saw the MSFs for this collection, I pretty much forgot about everything else..

Mineralize Skinfinish (LE) $28.00USD (Each has four stripes of colors)
- Brunette - Soft coral to copper bronze degrade
- Blonde - Soft pink to rose degrade
- Redhead - Gold to salmon degrade

Just look at them, they're striped! AHH so pretty!

Source: lipglosseater [info from specktra, msf pictures from pavlova615]


  1. i saw those on specktra too! ugh i want it sooo bad but i need to save up for HK! haha

  2. wut r these skinfinish for? i dont ko much about makeup haha i just kno how to throw them on my fac >_<

  3. I'm sooo looking forward to this collection!! Hopefully the MSF are not as gritty as the usual ones!

  4. roxy: LOL, darn MAC and their many tempting collections.

    jesmakeup: It's a mineralize powder that's like cheek color & highlight in one. I like wearing them over blush for a really pretty glow. Or they can be worn by themselves too. Lovee them :D

    j: Oh yeah, I know what you mean! My Light Flush MSF is nice & glowy, while my Gold Spill MSF is more gritty & has chunks of glitter. Boo. Thanks for posting these pictures by the way!


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