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April 11, 2010

Outfit of the Day + Webcam Pictures

For once, I finished getting ready before my parents! We went to a friends house yesterday for a filipino party; the kind where dads sing karaoke and moms gossip. Since I had some extra time, I took pictures on my webcam. I thought I should post them here since my face has been MIA from my blog.

I haven't worn eyeshadow in a really long time since I'm lazy to put it on for school. My skills are pretty rusty so I just did some neutral browns using the 88 palette - nothing too exciting or close up worthy. Didn't wanna scare any parents. My mom compliments my smokey eyes by telling me I look like a vampire, ha.

I also took a picture of my outfit. Jeans, tank, and vest are all from Forever 21.


  1. How cute your vanity is! Where is from? :)

  2. neutrals are always great on the go i think you looked very cute and im sure the smokey eyes you do are fab too

  3. Michelle: it's been a while since i got it, but i believe it's from target :)

    abby: thank you!


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