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June 05, 2009

Studio Tools Dual-Fiber Brush

Yesterday I was with Raymond and we were passing a Target. He asked if I wanted to go and I said no, but we went anyway. We got to the makeup section and saw the Sonia Kashuk highlighting brush, a dupe for the mac 187. I was SO excited when I saw it, because the Target by my house NEVER has it. I have the 187 and I love it, but was looking for an alternative to use for blushes and bronzers. I grabbed the Sonia Kashuk one but then I saw a similar one from the brand "Studio Tools." I remember seeing a few great reviews for this new brush on makeupalley. I chose to get this one since it was only $7 compared to the $13 sonia kashuk one. Almost half the price! Raymond said, "Aren't you glad we went to Target now?" Yes.

REVIEW: Studio Tools Dual-Fiber Brush

Rating: 4/5
Would I repurchase: Yes

- Only shed a few bristles when I first washed it with baby shampoo.
- A little bit smaller than the 187, but not by much.
- Really soft, doesn't feel scratchy at all on your skin. Not quite as soft as the 187 though.
- Very dense. More firm than the 187, so it applies products a bit more heavily.
- The bottom of the handle is flat, so it stands up on flat surfaces.

Is it a good brush? Yes.
Is it better than the 187? No.
Is it worth the $7? YES.

I think the MAC 187 is better, but it's $42. The Studio Tools one is only $6.99. Some people even found it for $1.99. For the price, it's a really good brush. If you come across it, I'd suggest checking it out. I would repurchase :)


  1. OH! You did a review! I'm a little sad. I saw both the Sonia Kashuk and the Studio Tools. I passed up Studio Tools because Sonia Kashuk has been promising to a lot of their other products. and you know. . . I'm not all to thrilled with the Sonia Kashuk skunk brush being that its prolly similar to Studio tools, but it was $13.99! WAH! I should of got the Studio Tools.

  2. My-My: aw it's okay, i hear great things about the sonia kashuk one too! i'm still curious to try that one, even though i have the studio tools and mac one.

  3. I have two of these and two of the sk ones and I use my studio tools more...I have heard some people found the studio tools for $2..lucky them...n*e ways I really liked ur blog and Im following hope u dont mind ttyl!!

  4. Sofee: yeah i heard about people finding it for $2, that's a crazy good deal! of course i don't mind if you follow my blog. i checked yours out also and am following you now :)

  5. Aww..I use to watch your youtube vids! Then I noticed you stopped making them :(..I'm so glad I found you here on blogspot though :)

  6. littlemisssugarplum: aw i know, i've just been busy lately. thanks for checking out my blog!


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