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June 24, 2009

MAC F&F Haul

Today I woke up to find a beautiful black box for me in the mail! This is the first time I've ordered from MAC online, just because of the sale. I usually have no reason to order online. Where I live, there are a few counters, a freestanding store, a pro store, and a CCO.

blurred out my address

wow everything is black. that's so.. mac.

my little haul. it's only 4 things, but the total was already $70 :\

- 217 brush
- 109 brush
- prep + prime transparent finishing powder (in real life, the lid doesn't look glittery. weird.)
- shroom eyeshadow pan

Anyone have any input about these items?
Let me know what you got from the sale! :D


  1. lovely haul..i so want the 109 but its to expensive..Im thinking of getting the sigma one :D

  2. I wish I could share with you, what I got... but sadly, I didn't get anything. :((

    Wow, I wish I could get that beautiful black box in the mail. lol

  3. sofee: yeah, the 109 was pretty expensive, but it only came out to $24 with the sale. i hear the sigma brushes are just as good as mac brushes!

    mszcheysser: aw it's okay. the sale made me feel like i absolutely had to get a few things just to take advantage of it, hehe.

  4. great haul!! i love all those things! 217 & 109 are MUST HAVES! I love using my 109 for foundation

  5. Roxy: i know, i've been using my 109 for foundation and i'm loving it!


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