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August 02, 2009

Update & Haul

Hello lovely bloggers! I feel like I haven't updated in forever.

I went back home for a few days to New Jersey. I'm a jersey girl! :) I lived there for almost 16 years, so I grew up there. I don't live there anymore, but my sisters still do so I have to go back every few months to see them.

my niece is adorable!

my bff. isn't she pretty? :D

We also took a road trip to Boston for a few days. Boston has soo much seafood!


this was for my parents O_O

shrimps & scallops. i thought they'd be bigger :\

super duck tours!

the bus drives on land AND water! pretty awesome.

Then I went back homeeee. My boyfriend and I went to play blacklight indoor mini golf. It was pretty cool! Fun fun.

i look so pro in my polo, haha. just kidding.

I went to the "Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet" here in Vegas because my mom needed bamboo or something.

There was this one booth selling fake MAC! Be careful where you buy your high end makeup because there are a lot of fakes out there.

Anyway, another booth at the swap meet had a bunch of beauty stuff for $1. Mostly dollar store makeup and brands like LA Colors. I did find a few cool things though. Artdeco nail art polishes. I see people use these in nail tutorials. They were $1 each.

red glitter, rose, and baby pink

The booth was also selling a bunch of lashes. They only had 2 different types of Red Cherry lashes. The other pair was HUGE, so I just got these bottom lashes. They had a lot of lashes from a brand called "Creme." Never heard of it, so I just got one. They were $1 each also.

creme #13 lashes, red cherry #33 lashes

As I was leaving, I saw another booth selling a larger variety of Red Cherry lashes at 3 for $5. Under $2 each is still cheap! I didn't have time to look at them because my parents wanted to leave already. Maybe I'll go back one day and get some more if I like it. I always hear rave reviews about them.


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  2. You are so cute!!! :D and I love the Art deco! i must get some more ^^


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